Friday, April 14, 2017

2 Casual Spring Looks

This Spring season, I was ready to make a little wardrobe change with a little inspiration from the
Bonobos men's new spring pant collection. Bonobos men's pants are fresh and sophisticated, that I find myself sporting more athletic breathable cotton work pants. Check out this simple casual Spring look that will have you ready for work in 10 minutes!

   Weekday Warriors

The Blue Jean

The search for a perfect pair of jeans this Spring isn't all that different from finding true love....okay, maybe I exaggerated a little, but every girl does love finding a perfect fit. This spring, pair up stressed jeans with colorful tops that will make you blossom. 

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For more style tips, check out the men's spring pant collection.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red Fringed Skirt

It isn't all about red carpet experiences to wear red garments like a skirt. So, chicas, if you have red skirt neatly hanged in your closet take it out and wear it. As you know, skirts come in all shapes and colors like pencil skirts, fringed skirts or short skirts. For those willing to live on the wild side sport a cute red fringed skirt and walk the line.

Remember, the value of a skirt is  to take you from day to night. For example, my fringed red skirt can be worn with sandals or sneakers during day time, but if you want a formal evening look swap the shoes for some heels. And get ready to revive the night with a little Salsa dancing.

Closet Pieces:
Red Fringed Skirt
Black Suede Top
3 inch block heelsr

Hair products:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Deckman's at Mogor

Traveling and exploring life beyond the border has always been a simple thought, but to be quite honest after exploring little hidden gems here and there in Mexico; I've not created a list of places I like to visit. For now, I will share my most recent visit Deckman's at Mogor winery in Valle
de Guadalupe, B.C. Mexico. Our good friends had mention this winery prior, so they went ahead and made a reservation. When we found the location, I fell in love and gasped a little. I felt at peace because it was the start of my Self-Care time to distress, relax and enjoy the company, food and environment.

Deckman's winery is located in Mexico's beautiful country life and it has a spectacular 360 degree view all around. The outdoor sitting makes it perfect to enjoy the wine, cheese and food. If you are traveling with partner or friend; I recommend taking your time because you won't feel rushed to go anywhere. So, with that said, get comfortable and start ordering food. In a short brief summary, here is what our group ordered. The first order was the cheese board which was then followed by appetizers. All of sudden we found ourselves ordering Mezcal shots because the waiter made us curious about the famous worm salt. Which by the way is the worm that is found in most bottles of Mezcal, since he claimed everyone was "fighting" to taste the worm. So they decided  to decompose the little thing and mix it with salt (I don't know if these makes sense, but it was tasty!).

For dinner, I recommend ordering the ribeye steak for two because it's served with pureed potatoes along with mushroom and grilled onion. Plus, you get a side dish of delicious grilled vegetables.
However, my husband just told me the Menu changes weekly, but if you see it on the menu order it! You will not be disappointed and make sure you finish things strong with a dessert or two...

Remember to enjoy every moment and in between meals take the time to walk around. Most of all enjoy the Sunset because once you go back home you will be day dreaming about the experience.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Afternoon Delight

A suede black lace tank top with denim seems to be the sure way to accomplish a simple festival look. But to take your basic look to the next level, you can add a festival inspired floral print kimono or if your looking to add a pop of color accessorize it with a simple colorful clutch.

This look is loose, simple and casual yet feminine. Keep accessories light with a three tear necklace and some cool shades. Remember the easiest way to make an festival outfit casual is to pick a stand out piece and pair it with the basics. For example: the black lace tank top I picked can be worn in so many ways and it's perfect for hot weather.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

She In Round 2 Giveaway

She In just unveiled their Round 2 giveaway (March 30- April 14)

See Rules Below:

*Keep the festival spirit alive by uploading your favorite festival outfits, in hopes to win the ultimate prize!
*Don’t forget to invite your friends because the more likes you get,
the bigger the prize. A total number of 206 winners will be rated:

1ST Place
ONLY ONE -$150 Sephora Gift Card   
2ND Place
5 WINNERS -$50 SHEIN Gift Card
3RD Place
200 WINNERS -SHEIN x festival BackBag
Register with SHEIN.
Follow on Instagram @sheinofficial.
Upload your festival OUTFITS to Instagram with #sheinfestivalgiveaway and tag @sheinofficial.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Puerto Nuevo, Baja California

 Puerto Nuevo is known as the "Lobster Capital of Baja" where you can choose from plenty of restaurants to serve a good longosta con arroz, frijoles and handmade tortillas. The lobster in Baja  holds it's tradition because of the quality of food, people and views. And in case you didn't know, San Diegan's can get to the location site in just 50 minutes from downtown. So, that's exactly what we did; we planned a one day trip to enjoy some quality time with our good friends, but to also enjoy la comida that everyone talks about.

As a matter of fact, we actually planned to be in Puerto Nuevo half day, so we can also enjoy a trip to La Ruta Del Vino. So for now I am sharing my lobster obsession experience at the Villa Ortega's restaurant because I want to plant a little seed in your mind about my recent adventure to Mexico. Also for those of you who have never traveled past the border... you're missing out in Mexico's culture cuisine, make the trip and eat a little lobster or two or three. And if you make it down to Puerto Nuevo don't forget to explore the village and enjoy being in the moment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Mr. Whiskers

I had no idea that printed Mew Mew shirts were such a trend. To me, printed whiskers seemed a little too girly, but after wandering the online boutiques it hit me like a splash of water. And I literally said to myself, I can be as girly as I want in a cute fashionable way.

Fashion has long embraced cute silly designs. And these days, whether it’s cat whisker or eyelashes or paw prints. It's on their way way-out even to the red carpet, designers are giving this silly trend the love it deserves. And so am I!