Sunday, September 21, 2014

Simply Succulents

My love for succulent plants has grown passionately, especially since these gorgeous plants were part of my bridal bouquet.  After my wedding day, I wanted to preserve the plants as much as possible, so my husband bought me my first succulent plant at Trader Joe's, this was the first pot I added my bouquet of flowers. I then bought two more additional small succulent plants at Lowe's  and I'm overly excited to preserve a part of my bridal bouquet flowers for a long time.

So ladies, if your a first time owner of a flower pot plant like myself, don't worry your not alone. I believe every women has a desire to grown their own flower garden, but we often find ourselves limited on space. So... the easiest way to make your goal come true is to start of with houseplants; I've attached an article link about the seven best houseplants.  I hope you enjoy!!

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