Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day III: The final Recap #weallgrow

At this point, I don't know if I was ready to say farewell to Los Angeles, so before attending the  conference; I decided to take a little cruise down Koreatown. Y que sopresa! This small area of LA is complex with areas outside the traditional boundaries

As I indulge my last visit, I decided to sport a casual chic look with a floral top from Target Style, white jeans  and three strap Aldo Heels. Along with my look, I sported a special accessory gift from Chloe & Isabel, a beautiful gift from my good friend Anita Garcia in South Texas. Thank You Anita!!
With only one day left, we had an opportunity to continue exploring the workshops, panels and keynote speakers and so far it was off to a great start as we listened to what brand companies had to offer and give insight advice to Latina bloggers.  
Chika's con pelo rizado,  Rocio from you tube channel risasrizos has great videos on how to take care of your curls and much more. Her videos has helped my curls stay healthy and beautiful!  
It was truly amazing getting to know her as we connected instantly, she is such a charismatic chika!
Y Bueno mujeres as we all smiled throughout the event, let's not forget that Crest Latino supported all the beautiful Latina bloggers by giving away a dental product that keeps your smile glowing!
 Es tiempo de conocer a Crest Latino...



 More fabulous Latina blogueras, treats and goodies.




Felicidades Ana Flores for getting Latina bloggers together and for such a successful event!

To learn more about the We all grow Summit conference experience click the following link below:




  1. Great recap Lily!!! I love all of your photos, you really captured all of the wonderful moments in LA! This conference was so inspiring and I'm so thankful to have met yal! Y PA'LANTE!! Keep it going!

  2. Thank you Rocio and we shall grow!


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