Friday, March 20, 2015

MLB Spring Look

It's been 10 years since my last MLB spring training game and I was more than excited to re-visit good ol' Scottsdale, Arizona.  This small, but humble town has recently grown from a population of 5,000 to 25,000 and has giving much curiosity to many recent travelers .
Most of you chika's don't know me, but as a previous athlete, I have a big passion for sports and even though I never played softball except for middle school, baseball has always been one of my favorite sports to follow from spring training, to the grand opening to the World Series.  I am a baseball chika fanatic!
So, ladies, quería compartir con ustedes esta experiencia, from the moment you get ready to the time you attend the spring trainig game, a chika always looks forward to sporting their favorite team gear. 
And before I headed out to the Giants spring training night game, I stopped by for dinner at Don's and Charlies restaurant, a sight that had amazing food as well as  glorious views at  every wall with much baseball memorabilia.

Shirt/Camisa: Lady Fanatics Shorts/Pantalon Corto: American Eagle
Sandals/Sandalias: TJ Maxx Purse/Bolsa: Steve Madden

Don & Charlie's Restaurant

Arizona, Diamond Backs Stadium

From the moment you walk in and see the diamond field,
 Your heart skips a beat   
As you feel the warm glaze heat of the sun onto your skin
Your heart skips a beat
And when you look at the crisp green grass
Your heart skips a beat
And suddenly you hear the "crack of the bat!"
Your heart skips a beat
Let's play Ball....
 (dedicated to all the MLB players)
Poet~  Lily (OC_Chika)

SF Rookies Warming up

SF Giants Pitcher Strickland

SF Giants Center fielder Angel Pagan

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