Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Closet Confession

There a lot of things about trying to feel at home when you move away from the community you've know your whole life, but as I walk into the my new closet, each piece of garment has a distinguished memory. From a Summer trip to Christmas cheers; your garments speak in volumes.
Once, I've learned to settle in my new home, it's the best feeling to let my curls down, go for a walk around the neighborhood, wake up next to my husband and Jordan's sniffles and make a homemade cup of coffee.
I spend so much time alone that I've learned to become a self explorer like one of my Favorite Icon's Anthony Bourdain and although I may not travel like he does, my heart deeply desires the opportunity.
So, I came to a self realization, that I will start my own travel journey to a variety of places here in beautiful California with a little fashion trend.
The sky is the limit and my adventure awaits.
Visiting Mont Clair, CA


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