Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

Getting over a cold is not the easiest thing while others are more productive at work or just simply enjoying their day. As I sip on some tea, I decided to finally open a book I had purchased from a church event I attended called " Ladies Night Out". Among the ocean of lovely and inspirational women I've met, I came across a book called "Savor: living abundantly where you are, as you are"   by Shauna Niequist.
You might think this is just another book, but I say otherwise, this book reminds you to open your heart into everyday goodness with God. And if you have time to shop, travel, eat, exercise you will also have time to learn, pray and cook.
Grab the book and join Shauna as she shares moments so small you think to yourself I've been there. And when you do, your memory is selective because ultimately, only the good things really stay on your mind, heart and soul.
Remember to Stay Present, not perfect.  

Blouse/Scarf: H&M Shoes: Tj Maxx
Besos~ OC-Chika

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