Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A wave of Beauty

Summer waves are here and along the sea of love there are 5 little beauty products to pick up along the way. Remember chikas, Summer is all about keeping it fresh, cool and vibrant. 

Some of us ladies may like bright Summer nail lacquer colors, but for the other ladies who love soft colors, brush on a little nude lacquer for a little attention on and off the shore.

(not the best mani, but I wanted to show the color)

Looking for a highlighting cream that is oil-free, light weight and adds a healthy luminous glow? Yes! Check out Beauty Crop Highlighting Cream, besides it's cute pineapple package, this small tube is the perfect dose of Vitamic C with powerful antioxidants that will accentuate your best features.

This color is gorgeous, the matte eye shadow is right on point and is great for all skin types. The texture is soft, buttery and blendable. I love the idea that it comes package in a small round tin, a perfect travel size to take on the go.

The kabuki brush is a perfect size because it doesn't take up to much space on your makeup counter or drawer. Plus ladies, the brush is made with 100%  synthetic fibers and it applies mineral foundation evenly and gently. It's also a perfect brush for makeup contouring!

This five star mask product is definitely something to try and while thinking what kind of chemicals it may have, don't worry the product is made up of milk proteins, plant extract, seaweed extracts and minerals that tighten the skin.  Another positive outcome is that this product will help increase blood circulation and decrease those little itty bitty fine lines you just don't want to see.


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