Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let's Bike Ride

This year's fourth of July was spent with my dear friend Maira and we had plans to spend it in  Coronado Island.  As we drove past the bridge to see all the red, white and blue American flags you immediately felt the love and pride for this country, but we also realized parking was a nightmare.  
So, the back up plan was to drive back over the bridge into downtown. There we found several parking lots available and we found one located on seventh street with reasonable pricing.  And just when I was about to pay, a kind women approached us with her two children & offered their parking ticket as a kind gesture. (note: It just goes to show you there are still kind people with goodness in their hearts.) Thank You!!
We were off to a great start because downtowns atmosphere was full of people wanting to celebrate Independence Day. We were surrounded by delicious food, drinks, lively people and good laughs.  After we were done with our meals, we started walking towards the bay to figure out where would be the best location for the firework show.
And, so, we walked and spotted Deco Bike Rentals   and it didn't take much convincing to have my friend join me on this bike journey to see San Diego from a different perspective, plus we were exercising at the same time!
Deco Bike Rentals are spotted in the five cities listed below:
 Miami, FL
 Bay Harbor Island, FL
 City of Miami
City of San Diego
They are fun, easy and convenient .
Seats are adjustable and all bikes provide a basket to place all your belongings
Check out the video below:

Happy Fourth!!!


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