Friday, July 10, 2015

March Anthony True Professional: Strictly Curls

 How many times can you count when your curls where driving you CRAZY? 123456...
Well.... I can count up to a hundred times or more. Growing up with curly hair wasn't easy and there were times, I felt I was cursed for not having straight hair.

Frizzy, tangled, dry and coarse has always been an issue for me and when I would go to the hair salon stylist after stylist would always recommend deep conditioning treatments. So, time after time, I would do my deep conditions and buy different styling products, but nothing would really give me a satisfying outcome.

However, most recently while shopping at CVS with my extra care bucks. I was on a mission to find new curly hair products that would benefit my hair and I came across the Strictly Curls brand by March Anthony. After comparing a couple products over the shelf, it was an easy decision that I would purchase the Curl Envy Perfect Curl Styling Cream along with the Curl Enhancing Styling Foam.

And I am one happy Curly Hair Chika!
Here are my helpful steps below:

1.Shampoo & Condition your hair
2 Use a towel to gently dry your curls
3. While your hair is damped apply a good portion of Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream
4.  saturate your hair with the product and massage through hair evenly or use a wide come to distribute product and loosen curls
5. Scrunch your curls and if you have flat areas use your fingers to twist the curl
6. After your done twisting certain areas, use the towel again to scrunch Curls
7. Apply Curl Enhancing Styling Foam
8. distribute evenly through hair
9. Get a diffuser and connected to a blow dryer
10. Diffuse your wet curls to get a smooth, soft and curly look.


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