Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday's Yoga

Today, somewhere in San Diego people are sound asleep, but for others who decided to wake up early Sunday morning like myself got to enjoy a day of Yoga Faith. Sunday's experience was all about connecting mind, body and soul and balancing everything in between.
The journey to Yoga practice was filled with great moments through out the day, if you like to read more about my experience visit my La Saludable Latina. And chika's, for this fitness yoga day, I wanted to wear something light and cool because the humidity after the last couple rainy days San Diego was a little unbearable (reminding me much of South Texas).

Scunic Headband: Space Dye Headwrap
Lace Back Top: My Closet
Yoga Pants: Printed Crop Pant (similar look)
Sunnies: GlenBush


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