Tuesday, August 4, 2015

5 Beauty Must Haves

 Get ready to take on the work week with some modern beauty tips and quick solutions for morning routines. I don't know about you, but for me, it always feels good to only take 30 minutes to do makeup and hair and be out the door. So, chikas, the next five beauty products are must haves for daily morning routines: mascara, blush brush, transparent setting powder, conditioning spray and an eyebrow pencil.  

MDM Flow Greater than Mascara

I am loving this new beauty product because aside from the intense pigmented black, volumizing mascara, I love that it comes from an women who is inspired by the 90-00's hip hop culture.

Gorge's spray is quite on the spot when it comes to conditioning and restoring one's hair to it's natural gloom. Remember to use this product while the hair is damped and work it thoroughly with a comb or your fingertips.  


A good make up brush is a must and Vasanti's blush brush is a perfect applicator for those cute cheek bones and to blend the product outward for a soft beautiful look. Oh! and lets not forget, your minerals transparent veil; the powder's silk texture settles smooth onto the skin minimizing fine lines....(bc we all know we hate those little itty bitty fine lines)

Last, but not least is a good eyebrow pencil to fill in those brows to give it a good pow!
Ofra's eyebrow pencil is water resistant which is good for ladies like myself who like to work out hard and sweat because those eyebrows won't be looking smudgy.


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