Sunday, August 30, 2015

8 Beach Must-Have Travel Items

Finally, esta chika, se va de vacaciones! 

In one week exactly, I will be up in the air traveling to Dominican Republic and I am more than ready to dip my feet into the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana. 

Traveling to the islands is always an exciting time for anyone as well as thinking about what items to pack for the trip. So, here are some must have travel items to include in your bag:

Passport: When traveling outside the country be prepared to have a passport, if you don't have one, don't worry, you can request your document at USPS. Make sure to fill out  the application correct as well as take proper documentation such as: birth certificate and I.D. 

Forever 21 Clutch: Any cute colorful clutch will do, especially in tropical beaches. It's all about playing with colors and feeling the island vibes. 

 Hand Wipes: Hand wipes come in handy especially when traveling and when your no where near a restroom. H&M carries small packages of scented wipes for only $1.95, so don't think twice about and buy one, trust me you will thank me later.

ChapStick: Smooth hydration lips is the key to beautiful lips, so while out in the sun, don't forget to protect those gorgeous lips with a pop of strawberry,cherry or coconut. 

Fuji Film xp80: This waterproof camera is perfect to take with you while roaming the beach, ocean and/or jungle and with a simple once touch you can transfer and remote shooting  with Wifi to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. 

Sunnies: Today's sunglasses are fashionably versatile, but ladies make sure to buy sunnies that offer 100% UV protection. They help prevent wrinkles by protecting the delicate skin around the eyes, protect eyes from harmful UV Rays and prevent pterygium(aka Surfer's eye).

H&M Bathing Suit: A bathing suit is notoriously a must for beach vacations. You can find cute and sassy prints at H&M's swim line collection. 

Neutrogena SPF: A sun kiss glow is a beautiful thing, but remember to protect your skin with a sunscreen that has a good SPF.  

Happy Beach Bumming!

What are some of your favorite items to pack? 


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