Saturday, August 29, 2015

Eva's Collection

This Saturday, I was out strolling and shopping for outfit ideas for my upcoming trip at the Westfield Bonita Mall and I came across the Eva Mendes Collection at the New York & Company Boutique. I can't help, but admit, I've fallen in love with her fashion collection after trying on a couple of clothing garments.
And chikas, let me tell you, I've always been a petite girl my whole life and at times being called, "Hey kid.."(Umm no, not a good feeling.). So, I've been on a little journey to upgrade my wardrobe little by little with pieces of garments that make me feel more womanly and age appropriate; I guess (maybe some you understand the petite girl struggle).
Anyway...slipping into some of Eva's dresses were like: Pow Wow! Hey sexy lady, those little curves do exist! So, if you haven't checked out her line, make sure you do before the weekend sale ends.




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