Sunday, September 27, 2015

Frames for Days

Finding the right pair of eyeglass frames can sometimes be tricky because we often look for styles that will compliment our face as well as look for quality frames that help support and protect our eyesight. Y chikas, if your anything like me, wearing optical lenses and sunglasses is an everyday accessory, so when shopping for new lenses make sure you take the time to pick frames that will make you feel beautiful and confident.

In case you didn't remember, eight days ago, I announced the Warby Parker fall eyeglasses collection and ordered the "Home Try-on Program" package. I selected five styles: 3 pair of eyeglasses and 2 pair of sunglasses that where more of my personal style. So of course after receiving the package in the mail, I was excited to take a glance at the designers pattern, color, frames and style. 

Here my favorite top picks along with some fashion outfit inspiration. 


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