Monday, September 28, 2015

Rocksbox Jewelry

Every chika deserves to look and feel gorgeous with one to two or more pieces of designer jewelry. And I know we've all heard of the phrase "diamonds are a girls best friend", but lately, I believe it's more like "Rocksbox is every girls best friend." 

The Rocksbox company has a great service as it gives every chika an unlimited access to designer jewelry pieces that are simply one of a kind. And the great benefit ladies, is you get to keep up with the top jewelry trends by having a stylist hand select 3 pieces that is to your style and request.

Check out my special Rocksbox delivery!

I can't wait to wear and style my 3 piece collection set (stay tuned).. 

p.s. For a limited time only, my viewers and readers will get 1 month of free Rockbox by using the occhikaxoxo code. The process is as easy as 123, all you have to do is sign up, take a style quiz, once you answered questions, you pay (enter code) and that's is chikas!!

The best thing ladies, is if you like the service you can continue to receive a Rockbox monthly for only $19.99 and return the box anytime to get 3 new pieces.



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