Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall meets Summer

Fall is here, but Summer seems to be lingering around longer than expected.
By now, most chikas are wanting to wear their fashionable fringe boots, sweaters and long sleeves, but how do we go about meshing Summer wardrobe with Fall styles?
It's simple! For example, I took out my Summer Shorts and pair it with a fall half sleeve shirt.
This outfit combination was either a hit or miss and surprisingly it was a hit! (since I got compliments on the look).
So just before you start tucking away those Summer Shorts make sure you style them into your fall wardrobe. After all... Summer is just beginning to slowly say goodbye before we start feeling the cold front, but that just might be a while.

Short sleeve blouse (my closet)
Black Short / similar here
Fringe Sandals /similar here 
Steve Madden burgundy clutch / similar here
Summer Hat / similar here


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