Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Winter Spell with Kiehl's

You know the feeling around this time: 
when your hands feel dry & itchy,
lips are chapped and face feels and looks
a little flaky here and there.

While we all love the change of cold weather, you have to admit that having dry skin sucks!

When the temperature drops, the humidity level plunges too and the dry air leaves the skin feeling parched.
So Chikas, to get the kinds of smooth sleek skin you want to feel and show off this Christmas, learn these 4 easy Kiehl's fixes for dry skin and lips.

This is my favorite little product by far because it provides daily hydration for my thin & sensitive skin underneath the eye area.  And I can honestly say,  applying concealer has been a lot more satisfying since using this product.

Dry lips are not charming, especially when they are cracked and dry. 
Apply a little bit of Kiehl's lip balm to help protect your lips from the harsh dry weather. Plus,
your lipstick color will go on more smoothly, so you can give your husband or boyfriend winter kisses all day long. 

This maximum strength moisturizer has helped my hands stay soft and pretty especially after my cross fit work outs. Now, if you don't know anything about crossfit, let me just say it involves a lot of heavy Olympic lifting and harsh hand gripping that often leads to dry calacis. 

So, as athletic as I may be, I still like to maintain my pretty feminine hands by using the ultimate strength hand salve and it works like a charm. Holiday Mani here I come!

I heard time after time about how much I needed to take care of my skin with essential oils, but I never really giving it much thought because I have very sensitive skin and I was afraid it might make me break out. 
In fact , it was the total opposite, it has helped my face replenish healthier and smoother skin. 

Kiehl's YouTube Video Review

What is your favorite Kiehl's product? 
Do you have any other recommendations for sensitive oily skin? or acne prone skin?

p.s. Kiehl's is giving customers $20 in Kiehl's cash
to use towards your purchase of $65 or more

Use Code: JINGLE ends 12/2/2015

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