Saturday, December 26, 2015

Miguel's Cocina

Craving some Mexican Food?
Well your in luck because Miguel's Cocina will provide a taste
of Mexican cuisine San Diego style.

The restaurant captures the ambiance of Mexico flavors
by providing homemade tortillas, fresh salsas and fresh made tortilla chips. 
(My favorite is the jalapeno cheese dip...)

Besides the great atmosphere, the menu plan is easy to follow 
and provides a good selection of food with great cocktail drinks.
So, here is a quick glimpse of my tasteful experience.
I ordered an Antojito (appetizer) known as the Empanadas Picadillo along with a
Rasberry Mojito and for the main dish El Marco dinner (two enchiladas with beans and rice). 

Every bite and sip was delicious!

Rasberry Mojito

Empanadas Picadillo is a great way to start a dinner conversation.
This appetizer includes tres empanadas
stuffed with ground beef, jack cheese, roasted corn, tomatoes y chiles. 
Then is slightly drizzled with their lime crema served with fresh guacamole y salsa.

El Marco: Two chicken Enchiladas served in red sauce along with refried beans and yellow rice. 
The enchiladas are covered in red chili sauce and topped with sour cream, avocado and finally sprinkled with  queso fresco. 

The dinner was excellent in flavors and every bite hit the spot.
And in case if you didn't know the restaurant is a great location for social gatherings, 
birthday celebrations and first dates.

It's also easy to find; check out their website for locations



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