Monday, December 7, 2015

TJ Oyster Bar: The Seafood Place

The weekend is here and your sitting there thinking to yourself 
I am in the mood for a little taste of Baja. And
most people would say,"why don't you just go to TJ!" 
That sounds like a great idea, but do you want to cross the border
every time you have a craving? absolutely not....

But don't be discourage, my husband 
I found a perfect place that will satisfied that
that seafood craving. 

The TJ Oyster Bar is located here in San Diego
and it's Menu will give you a Taste of Baja with every bite.
A few of our favorite items we often like to order is the grilled fish burrito along 
Tuna fries. These two items will have you coming back for more.

A simple, but tasteful Menu of delicious seafood items

A favorite Hot Sauce Tapatio along with other hot sauces
to add an extra spice to your plate.

Tuna Fries with a Michelada

Grilled Fish Burrito with Rice and Fresh Salad along with a Pacifico Beer



  1. I've never been there before! Tuna fries sound intriguing. Have you tried the oysters here (being in the name and all)?

  2. I definitely recommend the Tuna fries half basket as an appetizer. I haven't tried the oyster's but everything they make is simple and delicious.


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