Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Trench Coat

I know many San Diegans like myself are enjoying this change of weather.
The Rain and cold air is actually something to look forward to because
you get to sport short booties along with scarfs and jackets.
I mean common sense is to stay "warm" to avoid getting the cold.
The city, lately, has been in storm watch warnings the whole week, but today was a good
day to be outdoors. So, get pretty and throw on your gear to enjoy your weekend. 

It would be nice to find a small outdoor hang spot in the hills
that would have warm blankets, a fireplace with hot cocoa and feel spoiled.
So, until I find this perfect hideaway, I will start by enjoying this beautiful scenery
in the background and count my blessings.
I guess for now my scarf, boots and coat will keep me nice and cozy
while enjoying this Saturday afternoon.

Forever 21 Trench Coat | similar here
HM Scarf | here
Madden Girl Booties | similar here

Don't forget to re-visit my blog, I will be sharing the outfit I wore along with the trench coat.



  1. Great post and blog . I just follow you <3

    1. thank you love! will check out and follow back @beautyisallaround


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