Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Feeling Tired, but Feeling Free

There are moments in life where time stands still and you begin to reflect on your dreams
and inspirations. And at times while you work so hard, your goals may seem far and you might catch a drift of tiredness. But, remember ladies feeling free to live your dreams is an inspiration. So keep in mind, to keep moving forward because in the end whatever the reward maybe God will know that's where you need to be.

Feeling free to live each day how you want is a blessing, so don't linger on what could of, should of, would of. Live in the moment and breathe. Look up and wake up because life is right in front of you.

It was a sunny day, but a bit chilly outside and perfect enough to wear a poncho, long sleeve turtle neck and boyfriend jeans with boots (well at least that was the idea), but I went barefoot, I mean why's not a big deal. Perhaps I just needed to feel well grounded by being barefoot, plus it felt good to free my little toes for a day.

Wearing :
Poncho | similar  here
Boyfriend Jeans | similar here

Tresemme Mouse


  1. Love the text! Very important to always live life instead of just existing. Embrace what we have. Also like your outfit :)

    1. Thank you and yes embracing life as who we are is the best feeling.@MrsU

  2. loving the poncho, so pretty!

  3. You look really free and a little wild barefoot )) You are awesome!


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