Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hair-Do's or Don'ts

Ladies it's time to break your bad hair habits. 
Did you know everyday missteps can lead your hair locks lifeless and dull?
 If you continue with what you think it's best for your hair
that can only lead to hair damage, light breakage, drying and even hair loss.

So, lets start the New Year with Madison Reed  hair do's and dont's.
Below is a quick easy chart that explains 10 popular Myths by experts stylist.
And if your hair is anything like mine wavy and up on all you need to know about curly hair and if your looking for hair dye tips check out hair dye advisor .

Now...I know I have dry damaged hair like most chikas, but
I didn't realize putting my hair in a pineapple bun after a shower was causing
my hair protein bonds to be broken (no wonder I have a lot of split ends...)
So, I decided to go to a hairstylist for a quick layer trim that included bangs 
and a selected a short haircut that would flatter my face. 

I have to admit reading Shilpi Tomar article on 12-short-haircuts gave me a better perspective on how I 
wanted to proceed with my haircut as well as wanting short fringe baby bangs. Also, with my new haircut blow drying and styling my hair has become a lot easier with two of my favorite products this month  Nelsonj Healing Mask and Motions Foam Warp Lotion

 The Nelsonj Healing product has Argan Oil formula that delivers a combination of multi-benefits:
Controls Frizz
Prevents hair coloring fading
Seal splits ends
Protects from chlorine & Salt water
Restores silkiness & shine
Enhance natural body (good for the curls!)

Here are my 4 hair do's and dont's:

1. Do stay in the shower a few more minutes after a hot shower to let the steam into your hair.
2. Don't wear a wet pineapple bun and go to sleep right after a shower.

3. Do trim your hair every three months, this keeps the hair looking fresh and healthy especially if your hair is prone to dryness.
4. Don't brush your hair everyday especially if you have curly hair because curly hair is alot more prone to breakage because the hair cuticle is facing different directions.

What's are some of your hair do's and dont's?



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