Monday, January 11, 2016

The Hip Trail

  Taking a stroll in the suburbs can be quite fascinating, especially when you come 
across a hip trail with an unexpected surprise.
Graffiti often gets seen as vandalism, but it's also a form of art.
Think about it for a quick second, graffiti was inspired by Egyptian monuments and
Italian word grafficar, but then there's also the "tagging" which only signifies the writers presence.

Tagging is not necessarily art because it doesn't really produce an aesthetic feeling to the viewer, 
but it does shout I am here and take a look. I don't know why I was so intrigued by this object, 
perhaps is was the colors or the writing style or maybe it reminds me of my inner city days. 
Feeling so out of the ordinary, but yet feeling so in place.

In all season and against all odds, a girl on the go 
will always remember to stay humble and true to herself.

Denim Dress | similar here
HM Scarf | similar here
Black Belt | similar here
Ashiana London Green Pendant Necklace



  1. I love this look! The denim with the leggings is amazing! Have a great weekend


    1. Thank you @LBG for stopping by, love your fashion aspect on your bog.

  2. I like this dress!
    xoxo Gi.

    new post

    1. Thank you @f-lover fashion blog. Love the caption of your title and fashion looks.


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