Monday, February 29, 2016

Kipling USA

Friday night's Kipling event was a remarkable evening
 as I had an opportunity to view the new spring handbag collection, 
but also support the empowering women event.

Now ladies here's a little story about Kipling; it's been around since 1987 when 
three designers came across the crinkled nylon fabric in Antwrep, Belgium.
Since then the 3 designers have created a bright and colorful
collection that simply puts a smile to your face.

 Aside from the beautiful handbag collection, the
 charity drive was a success as women donated a new gently used bags.
I happen to donate one of my favorite Steve Madden bags and 
it wasn't hard to let go
because I knew the bag will traveling to a
woman who will be transitioning from unemployment to back to work.

Ladies have you seen Kiplings Printed Cases ?
They are the most versatile cases because you can use it for back to school items
or if your blogger like myself you can use it to store beauty items when traveling.

The Kipling team at Fashion Valley Mall



Thank you Kipling for the gift! 


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