Saturday, February 27, 2016

Media Kick-Off Party SDLFF

San Diego is extremely excited to be hosting the 23rd Annual Latino Film Festival. So, to get things
started right  a media kick-off party was hosted at Quad Ale House in downtown Gaslamp district.
I was excited to attend this event and although I didn't know many people in the room, I have to say the environment was quite friendly and inviting. On top of that, I'm the type of person that isn't shy about starting a conversation with people I don't know. I mean having to talk about films, food and music was quite entertaining and meeting actors/actresses, directors and chefs was pretty amazing.

Abelardo Rodriguez y Paola Hernanez-Jiao
introducing this year San Diego Latino Film Festival.
(photo by Alex Rocha)

First thing first, let's get a taste of Tequila El Cachanilla shot to ease up and relax.

I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect as far as the location and although I been to downtown district many times. I somehow keep running into hidden gems such as the Quad Ale House . I mean the interior decoration and design is unique and it supplements the idea of community spirit and welcoming interaction.

As the night went on, I decided to take in a stella artois  beer before enjoying
the nights performances. 

One of the films I look forward to seeing is the Baja Taste documentary. I keep hearing about Baja California's cuisine boom in today's millennium. And I also had an opportunity to do a quick interview with Oso Campos from tacos.kokopelli an establish chef who is known to cook with his heart.


The Quad concentrates on celebrating beers from the nation’s best small batch, independent brewers and  I decided I must come back for beer & food tasting.

Music and entertainment by Tamara Sofia Rodriguz Mehl

Okay, Chikas, here are some of the Chef's star line up for the Sabor Latino!
Food, Wine and Beer festival:
Judith Medran Orayas, Miguel Angel Guerrero, Martin San Roman,
 Oso Campos & Diego Hernandez

If you like to catch some of these amazing chefs cuisine, I recommend to purchase your ticket
as their will be a few surprise special guest!

(photo by Alex Rocha) 



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