Friday, February 5, 2016


Today has been an emotional rollercoaster.
When you loose beloved family member your heart aches
in a million directions.
The pain exist and
 there is no good way to go about it.
Trying to stay focus at work seemed like eternity and
trying to keep it together cool and collectively is so much harder.
After coming home, I didn't know what to do with my time
so I laid in bed trying to catch up on some sleep, but that didn't work.
 I can only remember her sweet smiles, hugs and wonderful
Then my husband called me (and I know his heart aches as much as mine), but
he said I needed to stay busy, so I got up cleaned,
walked the dog and decided to blog on previous photo shoot I did a couple days ago.
For now this helps keep my mind busy, but I know reality will sink in again.

The fact is I'm sadden by this unexpected news.
My husband's grandmother become like my own grandmother
 for the simple fact that I didn't have live grandparents around.
And I love the fact how he was able to share
  her love because she brought a lot of joy to my world and my family.

White Beanie | similar here
Jeans | similar here
Dress Shirt | somewhat similar here
to our beloved  Angie Reyes (Grandma)


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