Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fashion Catwalk

Happy Wednesday!
I'm taking you lovely chika's on a flashback.

The fashion valley mall hosted a
fashion celebration event for the
San Diego Latino Film Festival.
And I was able to catch a
 glimpse at some of the designers
 Spring/Summer dress collection.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

 Easter is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate life, enjoy the
spring flowers, picnics and egg decorating.
It is also the most important time to celebrate
the resurrection of "Jesus".

 Sunday has a true special meaning because it's
not like any other day; it holds a symbolic meaning
of true love for the man upstairs.

To celebrate this Easter here are my four basic
essentials for a Sunday Lunch or Dinner
Jessica Simpson high heeled jeweled | similar here,
London Times Short Lace DressNarciso Rodriguez Fragrance and
Adrienne Vittadini Wallet. 

 One of my favorite items this Spring
has to be the Narciso Rodriguez Fragrance For Her perfume.
"For her is the story of an intimate encounter between a fragrance and women,
an encounter that has become timeless love story and an addition that endures".
(~Narciso Rodriguez)

Thanks to Narciso Rodriguez this unique
perfume makes me feel 
simple, bold and elegant. 

And I have to say, from
the designed bottle to the unique fragrance smell;
the designer himself brings a touch of feminity
 and a sense of grace.  

According to architect Mies Van de Rodriguez "God is in the details"
for her achieves this through the designer's perseverance and perfectionism.

Have a wonderful Easter..


Monday, March 21, 2016

Remembering #WeAllGrow

Aqui estoy recordando de lo ke weall grow summit 
me dejo pensando and
I have to say, the power of retaining someones thoughts 
and emotions as well as your own will 
guide you to the best experiences life has to offer.

With that said ladies, there are no boundaries here because
Ana Flores began to share her vision
with all of us. And if you doubted yourself before
as a blogger or content creator or just felt 
like you failed at certain goals in life. 
 This is the place where you can reflect on 
those previous experiences
 and turn them around for success.

Aqui comienza este sueno to grow together
and motivate one another. 


Friday, March 18, 2016

March Routine with Neutrogena

Despite living and breathing a busy life
and trying to juggle my many roles
as a Women's Health Case Manager, Wife and Blogger.
I look forward to coming home to get unready
with the Neutrogena acne facial washes.

And lately I've had two favorite products up my 

Although I really try to find balance in my life,
sometime the stress does creep on me and
with my type of sensitive oily skin;
acne breakouts still tend to happen.

One of the things I find important for myself is
getting a good work out after work because
it always helps me relive stress. And when
I do an intense work out, I tend to sweat like cats and dogs.
Often, leaving my forehead with a bit of acne breakout (sucks!)
And I wasn't helping my skin much when I would just rinse with water.
So, I decided to pack the oil-free acne wash daily scrub into my gym bag and
it get's the job done!

As mentioned before, another favorite facial wash is the
is my go to facial wash on most nights. I find this product very soothing and refreshing
on my skin especially after a long day at work.

Both products gently exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth and
even. And the creamy products super clearing formula softens and
conditions the skin while the microbeads sweep away dirt.



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

About Sunday Night

It's not that often you get to see Latino films playing on the
big screen at the amc theatres, so I recommend to buy your tickets in advance
to enjoy a full week of  sdlatinofilm.

The media arts center of San Diego hostess the sdlatinofilm yearly and
I have to say this year's festival has a lot of creativity in music, acting
food and much more.

Truth is... the Latino film industry is growing and the acting is also evolving
from minor to major screen productions
 and personally as a Latina
I could relate to some of the emotions
played out in some of the films.

 So here it is chikas!
Grab your casual chic pants,
 thrown on a pair of fabulous sandals (if the weather is good)
do you hair and makeup
and plan to catch some great films.

That's it, it's not that hard; really!

And in case you didn't know...

The MEDIA ARTS CENTER SAN DIEGO endorses the inclusion
of underrepresented communities in the media arts field
 and the portrayal of accurate images of these communities
by mainstream media and promotes community access to and use of media technology.

 Let's go it's time to go explore..

Don't forget to stop by the guest attendee booth for a little cafecito y galleta. 


 Here were my two Sunday movie selections.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Fringed Vest

 Fringe is having a well deserved moment.
From clothing accessories to this cute suede fringed vest I found
on sale at forever 21. Now, I don't own a lot of fringe items
in my closet, but it was a nice touch to my wardrobe.

Not to say it also adds a little playfulness to your attitude.

And we all know the Native Americans tribes where the first to create
fringed garments and they definitely had the style down from the get-go because
as you can see this style keeps trending in today's
fashion industry.

Although my forever 21 fringed vest was not handmade with such delicacy;
I still feel that the suede material, color and fringe have a bold statement.
After all, fringe first became a decorative fashion embellishment in the 1920's.

My look of the day was simple, but yet fashionable. I paired the vest
with two pieces from my closet
along with my new favorite pair of
flats from nectar clothing.

What is your favorite fringe fashion item?


Friday, March 11, 2016

Neiman Marcus: SDLFF 2016

Thursday night was off to a great start 
as I attended the SD Latino Film Festival
open reception at Neiman Marcus.

Guest Celebrities from Mexico's new hit movies such as
 Las Aparicio, A Father's Journey and Bastards y Diablos
were all among the film panel at Neiman Marcus. 

I had the opportunity to listen at some of the director's perspective 
as well as actors/actresses on filming process and experiences
while enjoying some light appetizers and wine from some of Tijuana's 
best top culinary chefs and wineries. 

Express Maxi Dress | similar style here

Here I am with Actor Andrew Perez and Actor & Producer Dillon Porter
of Bastards y Diablos a film of half borthers 
who are Colombian, raised in the U.S. 
and estranged from their father, their roots and each other. 

I feel like this particular film will capture the essence 
of what it is to find your roots
and stay connected to your Latinism. 

 I look forward to seeing this film on Sunday! 

Aqui con las chikas de la pelicula Las Aparicio Erenditias y Liz Gallardo.

The controversial and highly successful television series moves to the big screen
to accompany this family of women victim of a singular curse that afflicts five
generations where there male spouses die and not born male in the family.

Have you bought your tickets?

Don't miss out on a week full of films, art and food!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday's Sweet Embrace

A hair bun and coffee is how my Wednesday morning got started, but
the only difference for today was embracing the sweet
escape to the we all grow summit.

You see ladies, to truly understand my next chapter in life
you must get to know my journey of experiences and
one day you will understand how my dreams will evolve.

Let me take you back to the Hotel Maya Long Beach #weallgrow experience. 

First thing first ladies,
every destination trip you take
should aim to give you the best things to see and do.
And the Hotel Maya Long Beach location gave each chika a whirlwind
of some of the best scenery in Long Beach, Ca.

The we all grow summit 2016 definitely chose a space full of inspiration
whether it came from the beautiful landscape palm trees to the interior decoration of the hotel.
Every corner was filled with an alluring fusion of Latin America and Southern California style.

I knew upon checking in, this weekend was going to be an unforgettable experience.


(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

and who doesn't love a warm welcome with a chocolate chip cookie!

Let your eyes do all the exploring, so your ideas and inspiration continue to grow.

After getting settled into the room with my roommates,
we began to get ready for the
welcoming cocktail party presented by Hampton by Hilton.

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

Hampton by Hilton definitely knows how to 
treat a girl by giving complimentary mix cocktail drinks along
with perfect bite size appetizers. 
 This was the perfect recipe to make every chika relax and
enjoy the night out with Latina Bloggers Connect.

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

It definitely felt good to be surrounded by
Latina bloggers, influencers and content creators
who have the same goal in mind
"to succeed and uplift one another."
This is where #weallgrow starts ladies.

To Build
To Connect
Have Fun!

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

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