Monday, March 14, 2016

Fringed Vest

 Fringe is having a well deserved moment.
From clothing accessories to this cute suede fringed vest I found
on sale at forever 21. Now, I don't own a lot of fringe items
in my closet, but it was a nice touch to my wardrobe.

Not to say it also adds a little playfulness to your attitude.

And we all know the Native Americans tribes where the first to create
fringed garments and they definitely had the style down from the get-go because
as you can see this style keeps trending in today's
fashion industry.

Although my forever 21 fringed vest was not handmade with such delicacy;
I still feel that the suede material, color and fringe have a bold statement.
After all, fringe first became a decorative fashion embellishment in the 1920's.

My look of the day was simple, but yet fashionable. I paired the vest
with two pieces from my closet
along with my new favorite pair of
flats from nectar clothing.

What is your favorite fringe fashion item?


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