Friday, March 18, 2016

March Routine with Neutrogena

Despite living and breathing a busy life
and trying to juggle my many roles
as a Women's Health Case Manager, Wife and Blogger.
I look forward to coming home to get unready
with the Neutrogena acne facial washes.

And lately I've had two favorite products up my 

Although I really try to find balance in my life,
sometime the stress does creep on me and
with my type of sensitive oily skin;
acne breakouts still tend to happen.

One of the things I find important for myself is
getting a good work out after work because
it always helps me relive stress. And when
I do an intense work out, I tend to sweat like cats and dogs.
Often, leaving my forehead with a bit of acne breakout (sucks!)
And I wasn't helping my skin much when I would just rinse with water.
So, I decided to pack the oil-free acne wash daily scrub into my gym bag and
it get's the job done!

As mentioned before, another favorite facial wash is the
is my go to facial wash on most nights. I find this product very soothing and refreshing
on my skin especially after a long day at work.

Both products gently exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth and
even. And the creamy products super clearing formula softens and
conditions the skin while the microbeads sweep away dirt.



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