Friday, March 11, 2016

Neiman Marcus: SDLFF 2016

Thursday night was off to a great start 
as I attended the SD Latino Film Festival
open reception at Neiman Marcus.

Guest Celebrities from Mexico's new hit movies such as
 Las Aparicio, A Father's Journey and Bastards y Diablos
were all among the film panel at Neiman Marcus. 

I had the opportunity to listen at some of the director's perspective 
as well as actors/actresses on filming process and experiences
while enjoying some light appetizers and wine from some of Tijuana's 
best top culinary chefs and wineries. 

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Here I am with Actor Andrew Perez and Actor & Producer Dillon Porter
of Bastards y Diablos a film of half borthers 
who are Colombian, raised in the U.S. 
and estranged from their father, their roots and each other. 

I feel like this particular film will capture the essence 
of what it is to find your roots
and stay connected to your Latinism. 

 I look forward to seeing this film on Sunday! 

Aqui con las chikas de la pelicula Las Aparicio Erenditias y Liz Gallardo.

The controversial and highly successful television series moves to the big screen
to accompany this family of women victim of a singular curse that afflicts five
generations where there male spouses die and not born male in the family.

Have you bought your tickets?

Don't miss out on a week full of films, art and food!


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