Monday, March 21, 2016

Remembering #WeAllGrow

Aqui estoy recordando de lo ke weall grow summit 
me dejo pensando and
I have to say, the power of retaining someones thoughts 
and emotions as well as your own will 
guide you to the best experiences life has to offer.

With that said ladies, there are no boundaries here because
Ana Flores began to share her vision
with all of us. And if you doubted yourself before
as a blogger or content creator or just felt 
like you failed at certain goals in life. 
 This is the place where you can reflect on 
those previous experiences
 and turn them around for success.

Aqui comienza este sueno to grow together
and motivate one another. 

To start the conference right 
a notebook was given as a gift to 
each attendee. As a blogger myself 
this was perfect way
to write down ideas, take notes and
write down contacts. However, if you didn't get the
chance to write anything down that's okay
because this notebook will be quite useful in
your home office. 

Thanks to Hampton by Hilton 
every morning started with a delightful cup of coffee.
And quite truthfully this was quite a treat for me
because although I am not a coffee drinker Monday-Friday.
 Having un cafecito in the a.m. gave me that extra kick of energy.

The #weallgrow speaker panels were 
amazing and the range of topics from
personal experiences to growing your 
business gave each Latina a perspective
on how to grow their brand and/or collaborations. 
 Listening to Alicia Ybarro, Yarel Ramos, Laura Fuentes Schneller 
 and Lilliana Vazquez also gave a sweet touch about
focusing on your nitch and staying true to yourself. 


After listening to all the speakers tips and advice,
attendees had an opportunity to enjoy several suites. First up was the 
 Dove suite. The all white room decor with a hint
of light pastel pink soap bars, white roses and products 
made this suite like a mini gateway towards beautification.

And let me just say, every chika
was smiling for ear to ear 
when receiving a complimentary manicure, hairlook and Dove products.


After a delightful pampering session by Dove it was time
 to attend the Neutrogena luncheon. 
The 3 course meal consisted of a light spring mixed salad along
with a 3 layered vegetarian plate with a touch of rich carrot sauce 
and last, but not least a sweet 
flan topped off with raspberries and blueberries. 

While enjoying the delicious meal, we all also had an opportunity to listen to
the new brand ambassador for the new #‎SeeWhatsPossible‬ campaign.

After a great healthy meal, we enjoyed another quick panel by Gaby Espino. 

 I also had a moment to stop by the Neutrogena suite
and let me just say, "".

(stay tune for the Neutrogena recap)

Images credit: 
  • Robson Muzel (@muzele on Instagram) 
  • The rest of images are taken with my Galaxy Note 3 Samsung phone


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