Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday's Sweet Embrace

A hair bun and coffee is how my Wednesday morning got started, but
the only difference for today was embracing the sweet
escape to the we all grow summit.

You see ladies, to truly understand my next chapter in life
you must get to know my journey of experiences and
one day you will understand how my dreams will evolve.

Let me take you back to the Hotel Maya Long Beach #weallgrow experience. 

First thing first ladies,
every destination trip you take
should aim to give you the best things to see and do.
And the Hotel Maya Long Beach location gave each chika a whirlwind
of some of the best scenery in Long Beach, Ca.

The we all grow summit 2016 definitely chose a space full of inspiration
whether it came from the beautiful landscape palm trees to the interior decoration of the hotel.
Every corner was filled with an alluring fusion of Latin America and Southern California style.

I knew upon checking in, this weekend was going to be an unforgettable experience.


(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

and who doesn't love a warm welcome with a chocolate chip cookie!

Let your eyes do all the exploring, so your ideas and inspiration continue to grow.

After getting settled into the room with my roommates,
we began to get ready for the
welcoming cocktail party presented by Hampton by Hilton.

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

Hampton by Hilton definitely knows how to 
treat a girl by giving complimentary mix cocktail drinks along
with perfect bite size appetizers. 
 This was the perfect recipe to make every chika relax and
enjoy the night out with Latina Bloggers Connect.

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

It definitely felt good to be surrounded by
Latina bloggers, influencers and content creators
who have the same goal in mind
"to succeed and uplift one another."
This is where #weallgrow starts ladies.

To Build
To Connect
Have Fun!

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)



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