Monday, April 4, 2016

A.M. Wake up Call

This past month has been challenging for me as I find myself consistently on 
the run, but to be quite honest I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Partly, because I find myself wanting to be involved in so many things
and that is not a bad thing (unless I go crazy..).

My morning ritual is pretty much the same everyday,
 I roll out of bed with my crazy curls as I try to 
sneak out silently to let my husband catch up on his (zzz's)
 and right before stepping out of the room
I give Jordan (our mix shepherd) a quick caress on her head.
I then realize my morning is just getting started.

I often take 10 minutes of my morning 
to really reflect on things that I thought could of gone better. 
And realize it's time to really confront head on
what my next plan is. Are you on the same boat as me? Yes..
 Maybe it's time to be a risk taker
and believe in the impossible because something really good is about to unfold. 

I simply leave you with one question,
What's your next step?


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