Monday, April 18, 2016

e.l.f. cosmetics

Sunday's mood started off with getting ready with the e.l.f cosmetics line. 
The selfie ready foundation brush made it easy to apply my foundation
and right after that I defined by lips and face 

I'm usually not an eyeliner type of chika, but the intense ink eyeliner made
it easy to apply with it's fine tip pen (making my eyes look fab!).
 And although I wanted to wear the smudge put cream eyeshadow, I
decided to go bear and save it for another time.

Keeping the makeup light and classy on a Sunday works out
good with a casual outfit. So, remember sometimes
it's the simplest look that will make you feel fabulous!

All the makeup products are great and easy to apply. 
The look lasted nine hours without getting oily or 
smudge. However, I did have to re-apply the lip gloss 
after eating because it did wear off a bit, but a little
bit goes a long way because the pigment is rich in color. 



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