Thursday, April 7, 2016

Food Envy

Saturday afternoon's are the best especially if it involves food.  
As you all know the San Diego Latino Film Festival was last month and along
with the week's long celebration a food festival was included.
Yes, ladies and gentleman a Latino food festival; 
I had the opportunity to taste some of Tijuana's
best chef's comfort food and let me just say, "delicioso!".

Come take a look at some of the best small bites
that amazingly brought an explosion of Latin flavors
to my palette. 

I am sure you know by now that great food goes beyond the naked eye and once you take a bite
it should take you on a venture of wondering how the ingredients were
merge together to bring such a delicate taste. And to top things
of dessert is always such a sweet delight. 

Vamos a comer y a gozar...


What is your favorite Latino comfort food?


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