Thursday, April 14, 2016


Every girl likes a day where she can feel pampered and the we all grow summit
team definitely provided a special treat to the guest. From the moment you walked
in you know that a mini makeover,  sweet bites and a beauty consultation was the perfect recipe
for day two at the conference. 

Let me just say, that the beauty of a conference is being able to network, 
build relationships and enjoy the brand suites. 
And this year's Neutrogena suite did not disappoint not one bit. 
I mean after all, the nature of this trip is to come out feeling good and empowered and
that's exactly what Neutrogena delivered.

 (photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

Y chikas, these amazing sweet treats were almost (I said almost) too pretty to eat, but of course
I am a sucker for desserts, so I definitely enjoyed these small bites because it was a perfect dose of sugar. 

(photo by Robson Muzel @Muzele on Instagram)

There is nothing more I like then being able to roam around a room full of brilliant motivated Latina woman. Plus it's the greatest opportunity to be able to start a simple conversation and make a new friend. 

One of my favorite vendors in the Neutrogena suite was the My Intent Project 
because they offered free bracelets to all the Latina content creater's and bloggers. Although I was excited 
to receive a beautiful and meaningful incentive, I believe it was the idea of building a community together that caught my attention.

What do you think the world needs more of?
- Meaningful conversations, on stuff that matters to us.
- Community, where we support each other in our journeys.
- People living with purpose, passion
(My Intent Project)

 The word I chose was "Faith" because I knew that very instant I wanted to share this gift with my sister. Let alone my faith has gotten me through a lot adversity in my life. And I want my sister to have that same experience in life and become the strong Latina women I know she could be. 

So chikas, I leave you with this note. 




  1. I definitely dream about going to this party place again. The live music at the event space was an added bonus, providing a backdrop for the fun hours spent imbibing, tasting, and chatting up with the breweries and beer distributors.

    1. Hotel Maya is definitely a good space for events. From the views to the room and comfort food, this gateway place definitely makes my top 5 places to stay in long beach.


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