Saturday, April 9, 2016

OGX hair affair

It's official I am having an affair with my current shampoo & conditioner 
after discovering OGX Coconut Curls product line. I've found 
a product line that bring my curls back to life and 
 I'm pretty darn excited about it!!

You see, I've been on a mission to find the perfect hair products that
would benefit my type of curly hair and have gone far and beyond
 using a variety of brand products that were just decent.

After a while, I felt like I wasn't going to achieve how 
I would love to feel and see my hair, but then I came across the  OGX  
product line while shopping for some Easter clearance items and birthday gift at Walgreens.

An island-inspired blend infused with coconut oil, sweet honey, and citrus oil helps create escape for lackluster curls that want to bounce and shine. (Yes my hair needs to bounce chikas!)
This formula blend helps to nourish strands, boost spirals, and reduce flyaways for perfect frizz-free curls
that smell as great as they look ( 

Here are my 6 steps on reviving my hair back to life
(note: I wash my hair every third day)
1.) Wash my hair with the coconut curls shampoo
2.) Condition my hair with the coconut curls conditioner
3.) Apply the coconut curls hair butter (depending on my mood
I will either do a deep condition in the shower and rinse off 
or use a small amount and leave in hair) 
4.)  Apply to damp hair coconut curls frizz defying curl styling milk throughout entire hair 
and crunch hair in upward motion.
5.) Apply coconut curls frizz defying moisture mousse (same as step 5.) 
 6.)I'm proud to say no more blow drying, I just let it air dry on it's own. 

Look at my results! 



I'm stepping out with confidence.

(this is not a paid sponsorship, it's solely based on my opinions and 
love for the ogx coconut curls product line)

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