Sunday, May 29, 2016


Welcome Back!
I am excited to share about the Hotel Boutique's Fuego Restaurant
which happens to be right on the hacienda estate. And since you don't have to drive anywhere, you simply get dolled up and walk a few steps to a six course meal.

Your probably thinking at this point, how in the world did you get there in the first place? Well, we happen to join my husband's good friend and wife to celebrate his birthday and explore the wineries in El Valle de Guadalupe together for three days. So, join me tonight to explore Fuego's Restaurant delightful views and delicious food.  

It's not every night we get spoiled with a six course meal and drink wine till we
feel extremely happy, but don't get me wrong because this is not included in your stay.  For the best experience in hotel boutique book the romantic package that includes your overnight stay, six course meal, horseback riding and morning breakfast. Trust me; you will not leave disappointed.
The restaurant is located on the second floor of the hacienda and as you can see it's an open terrace with amazing views all around.

Unfortunately, I forgot to capture a look of the day, but I did capture one photo before enjoying the dinner. For a lovely simple look, I decided to go with a partial hair look and wear a long sleeve burgundy dress covered with a black poncho along wedge heels. 

 Hotel Boutique restaurant is "Kitchen fire Valley", the cuisine is local, country and season, highlighting product flavor and the freshness of it, is a detailed kitchen with a sense of that in the simple lies the extraordinary, cooking from garden to table is one of the main features of the concept that seeks to manage (hotelboutique).

According to hotel boutique, the kitchen develops a cuisine full of colors, textures and tastes, ranging from simple to very complex. Aprovecho!


Mini Sope

Roasted Meat

Fish of the day with black and green olives, cauliflower
and light oil

Quail (let's just say, it was not my favorite dish)

Dessert: deconstructed apple pie 

 Join me the next couple weeks as I slowly recap the wineries we visited.
 I guarantee you, it would not be my last visit to El Valle!



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