Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hotel Boutique

Planning for a romantic weekend getaway?
Let me tell you about a hidden hacienda known as the hotel del valle guadalupe.
The hotel is a dream that begins with the purchase of a plot, that never really imagined to develop
a hotel, but that's the magic of Valle de Guadalupe, a land full of fruits and minerals that produce life Today the hotel offers great hospitality with 21 rooms; restaurant-bar in the country which offers cuisine with their very own harvested garden of 100 % organic products (hotelboutique) and the cutest small goat farm. 

The hacienda has beautiful views at every angle and the ambiance is peaceful and soothing.
But as with all matters of the heart, there's no need to overthink this. 
If you have a Summer weekend available I recommend booking your next getaway.
Trust me, once you plan it, you will be thankful later. 

Bienvenidos a Hotel Boutique!

My intention is to give you a glimpse of the hacienda, so you may
one day create your own memories. 

Come back for an update on the hacienda onsite restaurant


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