Sunday, June 5, 2016

Casa Escinares

 A hidden road often leads you to mysterious places and on this occasion of our trip, it lead our group to casa encinares. A beautiful and peaceful location that connects you with nature, but I have to admit getting to the site was obscured.
 Driving through unknown hills and paths was crazy,
 but when you set your fears aside, your really start experience life. 
My only tip to you when traveling in a foreign country is to
have one hell of a good driver, navigator and GPS.

and as previously mentioned in another blog post, your most adventurous trips will end up being
your most memorable ones. Bienvenidos a  Casa Encinares!

 Casa Encinares hotel bed and breakfast is a hidden charm located in La Ruta del Vino, San Antonio de Las Minas. The unique location invites far and locals travelers from all over the country to experience a weekend of getting in touch with nature, eating homemade family recipes and drink house wine.

I called this stop my glamping experience in Baja California because it had
the camp setting of the outdoors, but with great small cabins onsite to
sleep comfortable at night.


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