Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sunset Love

I'm underneath the warmth of the sun
and the sky is heavenly.

Love is so intoxicating
and again I am thinking
I am falling into your arms.

As I stand back and enjoy
this sunset this love is so contagious,
and again I am thinking
how this world needs more love than hate.

Let me not forget,
the many blessings God has instill in our lives,
but let's not forget those lives that have fallen
because of careless hatred acts.

And again I am thinking
this world needs more Love than Hate.

This is my last and third look for the little white romper
and it's a perfect outfit to enjoy a sunset walk and/or dinner with your loved one.
 If our world had more love than hate then
hate would be conquered.

" A person finds joy in giving an apt reply-and how good is a timely word!"
~Proverbs 15:23


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