Monday, August 8, 2016

Change is Good

I swear there are times at work where I am starring off into space,
thinking I am ready to run far away from all the stress.

but, then I take a deep breathe
and take a sip of my iced chai coffee and get back into reality.

The only difference this time around is transitioning to a different role 
 this September, but I am happy to say I am ready to grow and lead.

 I often say, change is good because if you are not challenging yourself to 
learn new things then you will never know your full potential.

So chikas, August has me feeling good, happy and ready for everything that will be
in store because it's one step closer to make my own dreams evolve.
With that said, I am feeling confident in Banana Republic.


Cross body bag | similar here

A.V. Max | similar here


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