Friday, August 12, 2016

Life in a Blue Lace Dress

 I took a stroll Sunday afternoon and along the way I fell in
love with some of North Park's scenery, neighborhoods and art.
And then there were places were one could hideaway to really just
chit chat with a girlfriend about life, love and work.
I have to admit that meeting new people and discovering new places makes your life ten
times more enjoyable. Plus, if you happen to wear a dress by coincidence it's most likely
your will get a compliment that will initiate a conversation.

According to a study,women who are happy or positive
are more likely to wear a favorite dress.
  So this month's favorite dress is from Francesca's store.

Francesca's has a great line of stylish lace and crochet dresses.
And I love the fact that most of the dresses
in the store can be worn for a fancy night out in the town
or for s simple Sunday brunch. 


Blue Lace Dress | similar here
Topshop necklace | similar here



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