Sunday, September 11, 2016

My 4 Essential Beauty Travel Tips

Every now and then we start packing our bags for that much needed vacation we all been waiting for a couple of months. And with that said, many of us start coordinating the makeup items we want to take, but often end up with items we won't use. Throughout my travel adventures, I have learned a thing or two about packing the right beauty items for carribean wheather.

So, for my trip to Cancun, I have selected to stay with neutral matt colors from the e.l.f. cosmetics line such as the 1. mad for matte eyeshadow palette, 2. mineral-pearls and the 3. long lasting lustrous eyeshadow. These items will be part of my everyday makeup looks that I will be used through out the day and night.

The long-lasting lustrous eye shadows are vibrant, shimmering, long-wearing color
can be worn as an eye shadow or eyeliner. They will be perfect items to use for the carribean night
life because the shimmery whipped gel texture is easy to blend and lightweight for lasting comfort.

The minerals pearls provides a glistening, sheer wash of color designed to complement any skin tone and create a flawless finish. Six multi-colored pearls blend together to help mattify skin. The Vitamin A, B, C & E infused formula helps condition and hydrate the skin for a soft, silky feel.

The mad for matte will achieve beautiful bold or subtle eye looks with the perfect curated 10 mate eyeshadow shades. The collection of hues are ideal for shaing, highlighting and defining your eyes. The satin matte texture can be used as a liner, on the lid, and in the crease of the eye for an expertly contoured and blended effect

Last, but not least are 4. the brush guard stretchable, breathable polyester tubes that protect your makeup bristles, and brings them back to new! I don't know about you, but I never use to protect my makeup brushes when traveling, but after receiving their package and reading about the brush guard it will definitely help my brushes stay new, clean and reusable time after time. (plus they have more than one purpose, read all about them here. )

xoxo, Lilia 


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