Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pink October

We are six days away from the month of October coming to an end and before we close the chapter this month. We should continue to wear pink because we are #notdoneyet. As woman we need to take every pre-cautionary step to prevent being diagnose with breast and/or ovarian cancer.

And since I have a big passion for women's health issues; I've been sporting pink every Friday at my work. So, today I am sharing one of my favorite #pinklooks to support all of our women who were diagnosed, going through treatment and who fought so hard that they left an imprint in our hearts.

Stand with me this Friday and show your #pinksupport because like be Bright Pink states, " We're Not Done until every woman has access to life saving breast & ovarian health education for free." 


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lady Leopard Eyes

 If you are anything like me during this time of year, I know you are looking forward dressing up for Halloween. And while I am sure you have selected some great costumes to wear there is always the question
of how to wear your makeup. This is a question that all of us struggle with, so I decided to do a great cheetah make up look that is just purr..fect for this October. 

Rule No. 1: Apply under eye coverage and use your everyday foundation and powder to entire face.
Rule No.2: Prep your eyelids with the  e.l.f cosmetics shadow lock eyelid primer. The light weights liquid formula absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increase eye color longevity.
Rule No.3:  Use a gold like color to highlight underneath the eyebrow area and a rose gold on the eyelid.
Rule No.4: Highlight your the corners of your waterline area with the e.l.f eyeliner and shadow stick. This will create a dramatic definition underneath your eyes. 
Rule No.5:  Gently draw the e.l.f eyeliner stick over your lash line to define its shape and build intensity.
Rule No.6: Use the felt tip of the e.l.f intense ink eyeliner to draw the bold cheetah print on eyelid.
Rule No.7:  Use the cream blush palette to apply a glow to the apple of your cheeks.
Rule No.8: Draw in your eyebrows however you like.
Rule No.9: Use the e.l.f aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow as a lipstick because the it will give your lips a vibrant metallic look.
Rule No.10: Apply false eyelashes
Rule No.11:  Color the end of your nose and highlight your philtrum ridge with dark- light eye shadow colors.



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Always Blue

The sky is always blue, so be ready to take on the day with some shades from SD Stroll Boutique because there is so much sun to look forward to. Remember to take out a dress and booties this fall and enjoy a day in the country side because every now and then we need a break from the city life  


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Into It

As much as I love Summer it's time to transition into some Fall fashion trends.
So, when I found a scarf,  a pair of boots and a purse at T.J. Maxx for the right price...of course
I walked out with a big smile knowing I saved $178.00 dollars!

I was instantly obsessed with the items because I knew the every day chika can where them in their own
unique way. Plus, it's a little sweeter when you know you scored a good fashion deal that won't hurt your wallet. So, let's Fall into It.

1.) The Burgundy Hat is great look for Fall because the color will give your outfit a great hipster look.
2.) A White Tank Top is always a versatile piece because it goes with anything.
3.) Black Denim Jeans gives you a sporty, but fashionable look.
4.) The Scarf hands down is the best way to rock this outfit.
5.) The Belt is a great accessory to define your waistline.
6.) Suede Booties is the easiest possible pairing to pull of an outfit.
7.) A Flap Top Satchel purse is a perfect pretty detail.

I love all the simple details of this outfit because you can practically style the items
in so many different ways and achieve a fashionable look. 


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wicked Witch

With Halloween around the corner let's be sure to have some good costume options.
So today, I am sharing a wicked witch makeup spell, so get ready to take notes for the spell.

First thing first, make sure you start with a clean face before applying any Halloween makeup.
After your face is clean, apply a small amount of under eye concealer.
Second, apply gray cream makeup on your entire face and partial neckline with a make up sponge.
Once dry, apply elf high definition powder to give your skin a high definition look.
Third, apply shadow lock eyelid primer followed by clay eyeshadow palette to eyelids.
Fourth, apply the eyeliner and shadow stick on your waterline to create a bold look.
Fifth, draw in your eyebrows with a black color Halloween makeup pencil.
Sixth, take the same eyeliner and shadow stick and draw a dramatic wing on both eyelids.
Seventh, take the same eyeliner and shadow stick and draw the outline of your lips.
Eigth, apply the moisturizing lipstick and Revlon purple lipstick to your lips.
Ninth, don't forget to add your dramatic lashes.

Step 1: apply gray cream makeup


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wicked Makeup

Every year around this time, we find ourselves searching for Halloween makeup looks to go with our customes. Naturally we try to find and buy products that will have a great impact for a good results. So, I was able to find some great e.l.f cosmetics products that will give you some great spooky looks. 

Here are my 8 Witches Brew products worth looking into:

All of the spooky beauty products have a perfect dose of dark tint that will give you a perfect tricked out Halloween look. The products are also easy to use without to much difficulty and it's inexpensive. 

Come back this Saturday for a Witch Spell makeup tutorial.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Swimsuit Tips and Tricks

Do you have a Caribbean vacation trip coming up and realize you need more swimsuits. Maybe your thinking I need to shop online or take a trip to the mall. The tendency to buy several different swimsuits isn't necessary, but you know you want new styles because you want it to fit right and look cute.

Here are my quick simple steps to narrowing your swimsuit wardrobe:
 1. Take out all your existing swimsuits from your closet.
2. Carefully inspect each swimsuit, if the fabric is deteriorated throw it out.
3. After you have your remaining swimsuits, think for a minute if you can
save money. Of course the answer is Yes!

Okay, after rethinking that you can save money, your still thinking to yourself I still want new swimsuit looks. I get it girl, trust me! I am on the same boat as you.
 So, here is what I have in mind....

Buy a cute and fitted swimsuit top that can give you at least four different looks.
For example:  I chose to buy a billabong top that was the right pop of color to match with my already
existing bottoms. Also, remember to purchase a swimsuit with the following benefits:
uv protection, chlorine resistant, breathable, stretchable, anti-piling and soft and comfortable.

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