Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lady Leopard Eyes

 If you are anything like me during this time of year, I know you are looking forward dressing up for Halloween. And while I am sure you have selected some great costumes to wear there is always the question
of how to wear your makeup. This is a question that all of us struggle with, so I decided to do a great cheetah make up look that is just purr..fect for this October. 

Rule No. 1: Apply under eye coverage and use your everyday foundation and powder to entire face.
Rule No.2: Prep your eyelids with the  e.l.f cosmetics shadow lock eyelid primer. The light weights liquid formula absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increase eye color longevity.
Rule No.3:  Use a gold like color to highlight underneath the eyebrow area and a rose gold on the eyelid.
Rule No.4: Highlight your the corners of your waterline area with the e.l.f eyeliner and shadow stick. This will create a dramatic definition underneath your eyes. 
Rule No.5:  Gently draw the e.l.f eyeliner stick over your lash line to define its shape and build intensity.
Rule No.6: Use the felt tip of the e.l.f intense ink eyeliner to draw the bold cheetah print on eyelid.
Rule No.7:  Use the cream blush palette to apply a glow to the apple of your cheeks.
Rule No.8: Draw in your eyebrows however you like.
Rule No.9: Use the e.l.f aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow as a lipstick because the it will give your lips a vibrant metallic look.
Rule No.10: Apply false eyelashes
Rule No.11:  Color the end of your nose and highlight your philtrum ridge with dark- light eye shadow colors.


No. 3





No. 7




Have a purrrrrfect Halloween!!


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