Saturday, October 1, 2016

Swimsuit Tips and Tricks

Do you have a Caribbean vacation trip coming up and realize you need more swimsuits. Maybe your thinking I need to shop online or take a trip to the mall. The tendency to buy several different swimsuits isn't necessary, but you know you want new styles because you want it to fit right and look cute.

Here are my quick simple steps to narrowing your swimsuit wardrobe:
 1. Take out all your existing swimsuits from your closet.
2. Carefully inspect each swimsuit, if the fabric is deteriorated throw it out.
3. After you have your remaining swimsuits, think for a minute if you can
save money. Of course the answer is Yes!

Okay, after rethinking that you can save money, your still thinking to yourself I still want new swimsuit looks. I get it girl, trust me! I am on the same boat as you.
 So, here is what I have in mind....

Buy a cute and fitted swimsuit top that can give you at least four different looks.
For example:  I chose to buy a billabong top that was the right pop of color to match with my already
existing bottoms. Also, remember to purchase a swimsuit with the following benefits:
uv protection, chlorine resistant, breathable, stretchable, anti-piling and soft and comfortable.

Remember the simple trick of one versatile top
 is to give you four amazing looks
and save you a but load of money!


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