Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wicked Witch

With Halloween around the corner let's be sure to have some good costume options.
So today, I am sharing a wicked witch makeup spell, so get ready to take notes for the spell.

First thing first, make sure you start with a clean face before applying any Halloween makeup.
After your face is clean, apply a small amount of under eye concealer.
Second, apply gray cream makeup on your entire face and partial neckline with a make up sponge.
Once dry, apply elf high definition powder to give your skin a high definition look.
Third, apply shadow lock eyelid primer followed by clay eyeshadow palette to eyelids.
Fourth, apply the eyeliner and shadow stick on your waterline to create a bold look.
Fifth, draw in your eyebrows with a black color Halloween makeup pencil.
Sixth, take the same eyeliner and shadow stick and draw a dramatic wing on both eyelids.
Seventh, take the same eyeliner and shadow stick and draw the outline of your lips.
Eigth, apply the moisturizing lipstick and Revlon purple lipstick to your lips.
Ninth, don't forget to add your dramatic lashes.

Step 1: apply gray cream makeup

Step 2: apply the high definition powder
Step 3: apply shadow lock eyelid primer

Step 3: apply light gray clay eyeshadow palette to eyelids
Step 3: contour the crease of your eye with medium to dark gray color from the  clay eyeshadow palette.
Step 3: Use the black color on the clay eyeshadow palette to add definition to the corner of both eyes 
Step 4: apply  eyeliner-and-shadow-stick to waterline

Step 5 ad 6:  Draw in your eyebrows with a Halloween makeup pencil and draw your dramatic wings with eyeliner-and-shadow-stick
Step 7-8: Use the same eyeliner-and-shadow-stick to outline the lips and fill in with black out moisturizing lipstick and Revlon purple lip balm 

I Witch you a Happy Halloween!



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