Monday, November 7, 2016

Stylecon 2016

This year Stylecon's experience was more of a girls day out to enjoy a day of beauty and fashion.
So my sister, friend and I strolled along at the Hangar in Orange County to get pampered with some great beauty brand services like be glammedsleekhair and LA Girl among many more.

Besides all the great beauty stations, stylecon had speaker panels with some great influencers, but it was quite hard to listen to them because of all the background noise. So, I decided to keep exploring the beauty suites with my sister and friend and enjoy each other's company. 

My favorite part of the day was meeting Lizza Monet Morales. We had a 
 a one to one pep talk about motivation, goals and travel. Her outgoing personality and dedication taught me a couple of things. For one, don't be scared to go after your dreams even though you don't have the large audience. Second, make the effort to make decisions regardless of fear. Last, but not least there is no trying until you make the decision to commit. 

Lizza gave me a great simple ironic lesson that her mother once told her. Here is the exercise Lily, here is a chair in front of you, but you have the option to stand or sit. So try sitting..., now try standing (do it again.).try sitting  and try standing. At some point  in the exercise I was a little confuse, so I decided to half sit/stand the third time around..and she said, "no.. you need to pick one because there is no in between. You see, the life lesson learned here is there is only two choices when it comes to trying to succeed, but you have to remember to choose one."

So which one will you choose? 


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