Monday, December 18, 2017

How to Get Rid of Dark Sports and Uneven Tone

Have you experienced hyperigmetation spots these last couple months due to breakouts and sun exposure? If you have, don't worry, I will be sharing some of my personal pointers to start diminishing the appearance of dark spots and practicing to prevent new spot from cropping up.

1. Do not Pick your Pimples!!

Yes, I know it's hard to resist, but don't give into temptation because the aftermath can be a dark brown spots that could scar your face forever. Instead, treat your acne breakout with the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Treatment, it has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatment. Use daily to see the acne redness and swelling go down, but be careful because it can dry out pimples, which can potentially dry out your skin and lead to more irritation. This product works really great with those mighty tough breakouts!

2. Take the Clarisonic Quiz .

Taking the Clarisonic  Quiz will help recommend a cleansing brush that will help cleanse your skin more deeply than your fingertips, it also gently get rid of dead skin cells that can sit on your skin. A cleansing brush can also help remove the dead skin cells and absorb the spot treatment you'll apply to eradicate any brown spots from breakouts or overexposure to the sun. Just remember to take good care of your brush head, washing it after each use and swapping it for a new one every month.

3. Treat Your Trouble Spots Nightly.

Spots, take weeks to fade, so find products that contain skin-lightening ingredients such as the Murad Anti-aging Sun Spots available online. Murad environmental shield products harness the power of Vitamic C and antioxidants to undo existing environmental damage to your skin and prevent future damage. It's a great product to add to your inclusive health lifestyle that can give you firmer and healthier skin.

4.. Wear Neutrogena SPF 30 Daily.
If there's one thing you can do everyday, make it this: Use broad-spectrum SPF 30 daily. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, SPF not only  prevents skin cancer, but it protects your skin from harmful UV rays, the culprit behind most dark spots. And as much as we love to lood "tan" and get the glow bronze look, deep in the layer of our skin, the damage will appear in tiny brown spots (aka  hello little freckle areas). So don't skip out on wearing SPF!! 


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Give Your Hair the ThirsT it Needs

The crossinnova is a fortifying quencher to lock moisture back into your hair. The formulated line of shampoo and conditioner are designed to hydrate and renew dry hair with it's blend of natural botanical and proteins. So, whether your hair is straight or curly, ThirstT Hair has your back!

To avoid your hair locks from looking brittle and dry, here are some quick hair tips:

1. Wash your hair less frequently
2. Use a Paraben and Silicone free shampoo and conditioner
3. Rinse your hair with cool water
4. Apply leave in conditioner

(Note: If you do not have thick curly hair,
I recommend to use small portions of the hair product
and increase as desired.)


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

An Everyday Cozy Style

Fall has finally arrived in California!! I was so excited to step outside and feel the chilly weather on my skin and see my goosebumps become visible. Even though there were no fall leaves on my yard, I still took a minute to enjoy the trees transition into fall season. So, today's inspiration was a cozy and simple look with two of my favorite items by March Fisher  and Betsey Johnson. To be quite honest the pearl shoes and artistic purse made the outfit 10x better.  The idea behind this look was to make it fashionably cozy and simple to get some holiday shopping done.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving break!!


Friday, November 24, 2017

Impressive Yellow Pants

Wearing yellow pants can sometimes be a bit challenging, but when you have an instinct about trying something new rather than going with the black and blue traditional pants; then I say, go for it!  One of the selections I love to wear to work are the Old Navy's pixie pants selection because it provides a variety of print and color pants that make you feel bold, confident and comfortable. Most of all, I get to mix and match the pants to create looks for work or my fashion blog. Below is a quick fall fashion inspiration look, hope you enjoy it!


Monday, November 20, 2017

Brow Lounge

Do you have virgin eyebrows? If you answered Yes or No, at this point it doesn't even matter because if you're in need of a little brow self care, I have just the spot for you at the brow lounge. I recently came across the brow lounge this past Sunday and experience the services first hand. Before I start sharing my experience, let's mentioned couple things I've tried in the past such as: threading and tweezing (Ouch! Ouch!).  The process was very painful and I never got use it because of the simple fact of how sensitive my skin area is around my eyes. Anytime I tried threading or tweezing, I often found myself with watery eyes, redness and swelling. I often dreaded the idea of even booking an appointment eyebrow care until just recently.

I was invited to book an apt with the brow lounge in La Jolla and although, I wasn't sure what to expect, I was excited to get my brows done. Upon arrival, I checked in with the receptionist who greeted me and explained a small consent form that needed to be signed.  After I submitted the consent, I was then introduce to Dafne Ruiz, a licensed esthetician (aka a brow artist!). Dafne was kind, easy going and made the whole process a memorable one.

See the clip below for a quick glance at service.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Fall Fashion Trend

Fall has become our favorite fashion season because of the simple fact that we get to strut in booties, long sleeves, sweater and scarfs. I mean it's sweater weather...right?! Well...maybe not just yet in California, but we love to take every opportunity to dress like it. Although, we haven't hit the cold front yet, I was inspired to create a fall fashion look that involved layering a long blue dress with a long white sleeve and black short booties. Last, but not least, add two simple accessories such as black sunglasses and a belt.

Now, your ready to go enjoy the weekend!  


Monday, November 13, 2017

A Dolce & Gabbana Night

Hello Everyone, I am back after taking a long break! To be honest, it's been a transitional month for me personally with my health, work and new home. But, I am glad to be back to continue to share real life experiences as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. So, to get things started on the right note, I want to share my most recent birthday experience because I am feeling confident again.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stopping 90 % of hair damage before it happens..

There are so many shampoos available in today's market that I often find myself lost in the aisle trying to select which one is better. After seeing a couple of options, I decided to try out tbe Dove Intensive Repair duo, since my hair at the time was suffering from dry damage hair with no solution. After a couple weeks of using the product, I can honestly say my hair has improved in texture and it no longer feels dry and coarse. 


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 2 The Architectural Tour In Chicago

The second weekend in Chicago was getting to know the famous windy city, so I booked two city tours. The first tour was with  the mercury skyline cruiseline to see the city from a panoramic view.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous going on board because I get motion sickness and I forgot my medication, but luckily my husband found a cure remedy for me, "liquor!". The alcohol definitely helped calm my nerves down as I go to enjoy the popsicle cocktail while cruising the lake.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Endless Rose

Here is a great fall fashion moment to help you get ready for the new season, but in reality, we know fall is far from the map at least in California. So to keep things cool and light, I decided to create this FallSum inspiration look with a black lace top, rose cover up, jean shorts and blocked heels. Need I say more..this look will have you feeling like it's Fall in the Summer. As a matter fact, I also think it's a great Kaaboo Festival  look. With that said, get inspired to mix up your Summer garments to create chic fall looks.  


Sunday, August 13, 2017

12 Makeup Tips for a Fabulous Look

For some ladies, wearing a full face of makeup is easy because it's simply what they do every day. For others like myself, I really don't have that much time during the week, but on weekends, I make the extra effort to look and feel fabulous. Remember, if you learn to treat yourself, you learn to feel more beautiful and confident. So here is a quick and simple makeup tutorial that you can use for any occasion.

Step 1. I used the studio makeup on the go warm up eyeshadow palette with the medium and lighter shade to give my eyelids a warm touch.  Make sure to use a fluffy brush to even out color on the crease of your eyes.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Neutrogena Beauty

Every girl aspires to pack light when traveling. Some are successful, while others miss the target. Here on my blog, I share three simple things I missed to pack because I decided to downsize my luggage and focus on packing certain clothes and toiletries. And although, I was proud to have manage not over packing, I realized I had missed three daily essentials like a face moisturizer, acne cream treatment and sunscreen.

After arriving to Chicago the first night and seeing what I was missing, I knew the next day I had to make a trip to a Walgreens or Target to avoid my acne breakout from getting worse. So I was lucky enough to have found a Target in Wrigleyville to buy the following items:  Neutrogena  rapid clear stubborn acne spot , oil free acne moisturizer pink grapefruit and sport face oil free lotion sunscreen. The three items really help nourished my skin during Chicago's hot and humid weather, but it also helped reduce acne redness and swelling making me feel that much more confident to explore the city.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 1 in Chicago

A weekend's worth of time will be a perfect dose to explore Chicago. In my personal opinion, to explore Chicago the right way make sure you purchase tickets to a Cubs game. And before you attend the game, arrive a little early to explore the Wrigleyville community and catch brunch and  $1 mimosas at hutch chicago café.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Easy Slip Dress

There is no easier wardrobe way to combat humidity and heat than to slip on a simple dress. Slip dresses hug the body in the right places and let's your skin breathe. It also requires little thought, since you can grab it, slip it on and be out the door! I especially love vibrant solid colors because you can wear it with everyday sandals and personal jewelry so the outfit is all about the dress as a statement piece.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

As I AM Beautiful Coils and Curls

Celebrating one's own natural hair is a lifestyle and adopting a healthier approach to love your curls in the new trend. There so many products options that cater to the curly hair chicas more often then before and product companies are paying a little bit more attention to the details that woman are looking for. Just recently I got to try the As I am hair products and although it caters to the African American woman, I wanted to test if the products will work for Latinas with wavy and curly hair. So, I am testing out four sample styling hair products listed below:

4. doublebutter cream

Before getting started, I made sure to detangle my curls with a wide comb and you can find great options at Sally Beauty Store for a reasonable price.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello Monday!

As you all know, the weather in California has been in the 80s with slight humidity, so to keep it fresh and simple. Throw on a pair of short with a tank and sandals. To be quite honest, I just been a little unmotivated lately an dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions. So to take a break from California my husband and I decided to plan a weekend trip  to Chicago.

I'm really looking forward to visiting the third most populous city to explore the Chi-town life, cultural and food. Hopefully this trip will inspire me with new ideas for curls and fashion as I've  been majorly slacking. Don't worry, eventually I will get over this hump, but for I need to just take my time to re-focus and breathe.

p.s. I need a tan on my legs...(lol) just keeping it real!


Monday, July 10, 2017

The Midst of Summer

Buenas Noches! It's time to start thinking about nourishing your skin during this hot weather. And let me just say, the humidity is making me feel like I am back in South Texas or Florida. However, this year California's mother nature has us all confuse with the heat, humidity, gloomy clouds, rain and snow. It's like she saying, "Get ready for me Bitches!"  (lol). But seriously, now is the time to start nourishing your skin, so you can be ready to start enjoying the warm Summer nights.

Here are my top three picks this with e.l.f cosmetics beauty care:


Saturday, June 24, 2017

"I Bloody Love Rodial!"

Summer is here and what a better way to start the heat wave with some Rodial beauty products.
Rodial is a high end UK brand that produces more than one skincare line based on trends that started in Korea. In general chicas, I've noticed that the UK tends to embrace strange unique ingredients from Asia's skincare lines such as ingredients like bee venom, retino, chromabright and hyaluronic acid. I am a little scared with the names I haven't seen before, but after reading and trying some of the products, I love the edgy skincare ingredients.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rizos on the Road

Rizos on the Road is the symbolic definition of what it means to embrace your curls with cultura and spice. As curly hair chicas, we must understand we are different, but unique because we all have a different story to share about our curl journey. With that said, I know you have all been on this boat of questions being asked by people.

1. Where are you from?
2. Can I touch your hair?
3. Does your family have curly hair? or did you perm your hair?
4. Why do you look so different compare to your siblings?
5. Do you know Spanish?

Most of the time we don't mind answering the questions because we like to share our story, but there are times at least for me when I started to feel like I was being categorize by my features.  My journey of embracing my hair was a struggle at a young age for the simple fact that young girls said, "what's wrong with your hair?" As a matter fact, at a young age, I learned to master wearing headbands and doing really tight ponytails to avoid my curls from being noticeable. I would also brush my hair out several times at night thinking it would be more straight the next day. And as I got older, I came really close to chemically straightening my hair, but thank God I didn't. Instead, I learned to straighten my hair with a plancha (an iron) because I idolized women in telenovelas and magazines con pelo lacio.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Look of the Day

It's graduation season! With that said, you will find yourself seeing plenty of graduation moments online and/or  have friends and family members graduating from school or college. A great outfit inspiration to wear for a graduation ceremony are blue dresses. For example, this floral print dress from H&M is perfect for sunny weather. The long sleeve and button down short dress is style to perfection. Some great accessories to add are a pair gold shades, black belt and heels and your ready as 1..2..3..

Like Celia Cruz sings... Rien...Lloran..y Vive tu Vida!!
It's time to Celebrate!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mirina Girl

Once you know about accessorizing thick layered metallic necklaces, you will get the idea about making a statement with little effort. Besides, rules are meant to be broken when mixing metals and experimenting with textiles and Mirina Collections knows how to round up the latest approved inspo for statement necklaces.

Check out the blue-boho necklace by Mirina Collections. The necklace is  handcrafted with copper and silver plating making the detailed artistically unique. This piece will have you speaking in volumes and you can simply pair the accessory with a black and white  striped top, boyfriend jeans and chucks.

In addition to having a great outfit, remember to revamp your curls with the coconut hibiscus curl style milk and curl enhancing smoothie. These two products will make your curls feel fantastic. As for my curls, I usually apply about a nickel to a quarter size onto my damp hair before diffusing. I never exceed the amount because if I do, then the products will weigh down on my hair since my curls are more wavy on the outside and kinky on the inside. Remember, every curly chica  is different and only you will know what works best for your hair.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Lemon Drop

After Beyoncé dropped her lemonade album most ladies went crazy with the #IStandWithBeyonce hashtag.  As a matter fact, most women knew the symbols of a lemonade had a whole different meaning from here on out. So ladies, as you are getting ready for the Summer trends, here's a cute off the shoulder top that will have you thinking about B's sense of style.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Makeup to Wakeup by Pixi

 Hola Chicas! I hope you are off to a great start, as some of you know about two weeks ago I took a trip to Los Angeles for an event with Google space. I drove from San Diego to Venice because I was on a mission to really get to know what my next step should be with my personal business goals. With that said, before arriving to the event, I had the opportunity to explore Venice and I came across the pixi beauty store and I didn't think twice about skipping it.

So, I crossed the street and stepped right into the front door to explore the all white retail space. I honestly wanted to film the whole experience, but was limited on time, so I took advantage to ask two things: 1.) Does Pixi have great concealer coverage for under eyes? 2.) Does the store offer a freshen up mini makeover? Answer to both questions, Yes!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Modern Map Art

Have you giving much thought about an atlas, vintage or street map before? or Perhaps you thought about having map for your house as decoration.  If so, you're in luck because I cam across this amazing artist who created modern map art in 2016 and since then she has developed some creative grids of the city life.

Her unique art work unveils the city's chaotic life, but at the same time it's modern and elegant. Take a look the beautiful 8 x 10 San Diego print.  After receiving the map print by mail, I realized I needed to stop Hobby Lobby to find a perfect frame. After viewing a selection of different color frames, I realized the perfect one would be a simple black and white, so the print can stand out in every angle.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The thing about reality is to keep things as real as possible. There are going to be good and bad days, but regardless let your emotions out and keep striving forward. These past few days, I wanted to get back on track with blogging, but San Diego's weather had me fooled, so instead I did a small photo shoot inside my apartment.

Since, I was lounging around my apartment, I decided to sport a dress and go on about my day. I mean, why the hell not...right? I shouldn't wait for plans to come up to dress up, I guess that just me. So, I reached into my closet for my Vertical Striped Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress slipped it on and made myself a peanut butter jelly sandwich before playing the congas.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to Clean and Organize Your Makeup Drawer

To be quite honest, I only have one make up drawer (which by the way I am super proud of), but I also realized it wasn't the cleanest drawer in my bathroom. I recently started noticing how my drawer was becoming a small mountain of cosmetics buried on top of one another. So,I immediately decided to do some Spring cleaning to sort, organize and throw some items out.

This is what my drawer looked like when I got started. I will admit that it was definitely looking
cluttered from every angle. Yikes!


Friday, April 14, 2017

2 Casual Spring Looks

This Spring season, I was ready to make a little wardrobe change with a little inspiration from the
Bonobos men's new spring pant collection. Bonobos men's pants are fresh and sophisticated, that I find myself sporting more athletic breathable cotton work pants. Check out this simple casual Spring look that will have you ready for work in 10 minutes!

   Weekday Warriors


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red Fringed Skirt

It isn't all about red carpet experiences to wear red garments like a skirt. So, chicas, if you have red skirt neatly hanged in your closet take it out and wear it. As you know, skirts come in all shapes and colors like pencil skirts, fringed skirts or short skirts. For those willing to live on the wild side sport a cute red fringed skirt and walk the line.

Remember, the value of a skirt is  to take you from day to night. For example, my fringed red skirt can be worn with sandals or sneakers during day time, but if you want a formal evening look swap the shoes for some heels. And get ready to revive the night with a little Salsa dancing.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Deckman's at Mogor

Traveling and exploring life beyond the border has always been a simple thought, but to be quite honest after exploring little hidden gems here and there in Mexico; I've not created a list of places I like to visit. For now, I will share my most recent visit Deckman's at Mogor winery in Valle
de Guadalupe, B.C. Mexico. Our good friends had mention this winery prior, so they went ahead and made a reservation. When we found the location, I fell in love and gasped a little. I felt at peace because it was the start of my Self-Care time to distress, relax and enjoy the company, food and environment.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Afternoon Delight

A suede black lace tank top with denim seems to be the sure way to accomplish a simple festival look. But to take your basic look to the next level, you can add a festival inspired floral print kimono or if your looking to add a pop of color accessorize it with a simple colorful clutch.

This look is loose, simple and casual yet feminine. Keep accessories light with a three tear necklace and some cool shades. Remember the easiest way to make an festival outfit casual is to pick a stand out piece and pair it with the basics. For example: the black lace tank top I picked can be worn in so many ways and it's perfect for hot weather.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

She In Round 2 Giveaway

She In just unveiled their Round 2 giveaway (March 30- April 14)

See Rules Below:

*Keep the festival spirit alive by uploading your favorite festival outfits, in hopes to win the ultimate prize!
*Don’t forget to invite your friends because the more likes you get,
the bigger the prize. A total number of 206 winners will be rated:

1ST Place
ONLY ONE -$150 Sephora Gift Card   
2ND Place
5 WINNERS -$50 SHEIN Gift Card
3RD Place
200 WINNERS -SHEIN x festival BackBag
Register with SHEIN.
Follow on Instagram @sheinofficial.
Upload your festival OUTFITS to Instagram with #sheinfestivalgiveaway and tag @sheinofficial.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Puerto Nuevo, Baja California

 Puerto Nuevo is known as the "Lobster Capital of Baja" where you can choose from plenty of restaurants to serve a good longosta con arroz, frijoles and handmade tortillas. The lobster in Baja  holds it's tradition because of the quality of food, people and views. And in case you didn't know, San Diegan's can get to the location site in just 50 minutes from downtown. So, that's exactly what we did; we planned a one day trip to enjoy some quality time with our good friends, but to also enjoy la comida that everyone talks about.

As a matter of fact, we actually planned to be in Puerto Nuevo half day, so we can also enjoy a trip to La Ruta Del Vino. So for now I am sharing my lobster obsession experience at the Villa Ortega's restaurant because I want to plant a little seed in your mind about my recent adventure to Mexico. Also for those of you who have never traveled past the border... you're missing out in Mexico's culture cuisine, make the trip and eat a little lobster or two or three. And if you make it down to Puerto Nuevo don't forget to explore the village and enjoy being in the moment.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Mr. Whiskers

I had no idea that printed Mew Mew shirts were such a trend. To me, printed whiskers seemed a little too girly, but after wandering the online boutiques it hit me like a splash of water. And I literally said to myself, I can be as girly as I want in a cute fashionable way.

Fashion has long embraced cute silly designs. And these days, whether it’s cat whisker or eyelashes or paw prints. It's on their way way-out even to the red carpet, designers are giving this silly trend the love it deserves. And so am I!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Forward

Hello Lovelies,

Spring is coming and we have yet to update our wardrobe with a little floral love. And as you know floral prints and patterns continue to be the main trend in blouses, shirts, dresses, jeans and jackets. So, let's embrace this Spring with a little flower power.

Here are some top floral inspiration looks that you can sport from day to evening. The variety of color tones and styles will set the tone right this Spring! As usual, I've left the links to each item below. Besos! 💐

        Black Floral Ruffle Shift Dress                              Multicolor Floral Sleeveless Maxi Dress 



Monday, February 27, 2017

How to Wear Stripes

This Spring, stripes are everywhere from classic prints to rainbow striped skirts.
And why not? stripes are one of the most wearable trends right now.
For an inspired look go with black and white stripe blouses that have bell shape sleeves.
The stellar design will give you a timeless look and have you feeling chic and fabulous.

To shop the look check out romwe blouses.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

10 amazing lipstick shades you need in your life

As girls, we have no problem spending money on expensive beauty products, but when it comes to lipsticks we often cut corners. We find ourselves drawn to affordable lipsticks because we love having a variety of colors and like to trying new shades and there is nothing wrong that.

To make things easy, I've rounded up the best elf cosmetics lipsticks under $5 and $10 dollars. And I don't mean that they are good because of the price because the products are a perfect shade of color for this Spring. So, without further ado, here of my favorite color selections.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Look Good When It's Cold Outside

Come rain or shine, but in this case rain.. the day must go on. The overcast skies often make you think twice about dressing up, but I say otherwise, layer a fabulous outfit together with a romper, lace blouse and a jean jacket . And admittedly this look is a bit fashionably cozy, but isn't exactly 'warm'. However, this look would surely provide overcoat inspo and perhaps alter your opinion. Plus, you can roll down the sleeves on the jean jacket to keep your arms extra warm.

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